Intentions vs Resolutions – What Are You Choosing/

mmhblogjan8At this time of year, most people are making some sort of resolutions. Resolutions to lose weight, get more fit, make more money etc. What resolutions are you making? Do they make you feel good or do they make you feel bad? Resolutions have a really heavy feeling for me, they are more like obligations or duties or something that I should do to be a better person.

Am I not a good person? Are you not a good person? Why would I want to do something to make me feel bad about myself? This is what most people do. Most people make resolutions because that is what everyone else is doing. They just want to fit in.

I tried fitting in for most of my life, it didn’t work. How is it working for you? Would you like to choose something different this year? How about making intentions instead? Make intentions based on experiences and feelings. What would you like to experience this year? What would you like to feel this year?

Here is a short practical exercise that you can do to begin to create your intentions for this year:
Grab some index cards and write out your intentions on them – just 3 or 4 to start, one intention on one card, and then write out 3 or action steps that you can take for each of the intentions on the index cards. You can add more action steps as you go along. Be sure to read the index cards on a daily basis if possible. Don’t hide them away in a drawer somewhere, unless you really do not want your intention to manifest with ease and grace.

Now, along with the practical exercise, here is a visualization or energy process that you can also do every day: Sit quietly with your index cards in your hands and bring your attention to your heart space, the middle of your chest, and bring to your mind a beautiful feeling or memory, now let that feeling permeate throughout your entire being, if you can, imagine that your heart space is getting bigger and bigger and expanding out to fill the entire room that you are in and then the entire city you are in then the country and then the whole world. Now bring to mind one of your intentions, imagine that it has come to fruition, what are you feeling, what are you sensing, experience this throughout your being, your expanded being, put all of your emotion and energy into it, and smile, be grateful for the experience, the feeling, knowing that it has actualized. Take a deep breath and do it again for your next intention, and the rest.

You have now energetically and in your imagination already manifested your intention, now it is time to take action, regular, consistent action, knowing that your intention will also actualize in this physical realm with ease and grace.

Choose what feels good for you, what feels light and expansive. Have fun with this and really enjoy it, make time for this activity every day and you will be surprised as to how quickly your dreams and visions become a reality.