Prerelease – Radio Talk Show Living with Moxie


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living-with-moxieBegging June 7th, 2016, Tuesday @ 7:00 PM & Every Tuesday There After…

Hosts: Donna Martuge & Shefali Burns

Focus: “Knowledge you need, Results you desire”

Featuring: Educational and Inspiring Pod Casts, Radio Shows, Videos, Books & Classes

Every Tuesday on Living with Moxie join us in conversations designed to take your life to the next level. This show highlights ideas, resources, and strategies from Shefali Burns and Donna Martuge to provide you with the leverage you require to meet and exceed your business and personal goals.

Each week on Living with Moxie Shefali and Donna will lead conversations related to success, achievement, fulfillment and extraordinary, vibrant living.

Listen in for unique insights from outstanding achievers in business, relationships, health, finances and living. Are you ready to live with Moxie?