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shefaliAlara Canfield had the perfect life or so everyone thought. She had a nice house, a good husband, wonderful children, supportive family and friends, and a good job. How many of you thought if you had everything you wanted in life you would be happy? Alara thought the same thing. After suffering in silence for over twenty years, she realized the entire world she had created did not align with her true joy and happiness. Alara finally acknowledged that her life did not make her happy, she was feeling empty and dissatisfied. She decided that she would have to change her life no matter what the cost. Over the past 6 years, Alara has left her marriage and found true love; she left her government job and now works globally doing what she loves and being of service to her community and the world.

Alara is a transformation consultant and catalyst for change.  She is a speaker, author, intuitive healer, life coach, host of Awaken To Happiness Now and co-host of Living With Moxie. Alara uses her intuition and energy mastery to help her clients align with the truth of who they are as powerful beings here to experience their greatest life. She is able to transmit vibration and frequency in order to transmute energy that is not serving her client in order for them to be in greater alignment with their soul and shine in the world.

A devoted personal development enthusiast who has read hundreds of books and taken countless seminars, Alara is deeply passionate about spirituality, energy healing, and connecting with the authentic self. She has been meditating and working with energy for over 25 years and in this process she discovered that happiness can be yours in any moment and that you can live your best life, it just takes courage and a desire to make different choices.

Alara is on a mission to inspire and self-empower you to live authentically with joy, ease, and love through connection to Spirit and to realize your full potential, live the life of your dreams, and access happiness in every moment. She believes that life is meant to be happy and filled with joy, light, and laughter. Alara is passionate about helping you to discover and connect to your “shine signature” and be more of who you truly are in your personal and business lives. Your “shine signature” is unique to you. It is your presence, your core, it is what makes you “you”. It is your inner being, your beingness. It is time to BE who you truly are. It is time for you to SHINE! Are you ready to awaken to happiness now? Are you ready to shine your brilliance?


donnaDonna Martuge is an educator, international speaker, teacher, and best selling author, who has touched thousands of lives with inspiration, and dynamic, tools to help create change. For over twenty years, Donna has been inviting people to reach for more, recognize their potential and exceed any goals they would like to meet. She recognizes that many set their limits lower then what they are capable of creating.  It is this awareness that drives her to teach and empower others. Formally trained in psychology, special education, behavior, leadership and training in many alternative healing and coaching modalities, she has a completely different approach to facilitating people to acknowledge their abilities and strengths. She works in the field of Special Education Administration, and has worked in a variety of roles throughout her career including teacher, school psychologist, and Instructor at colleges and Universities, including her alum Fordham University in New York. Her awareness is, creating a life you love is easier than many imagine. A world where people have the possibility of contributing by using their talents, creates a world where there is more joy and sense of fulfillment. Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, or organization the tools she offers applies.

Donna has a gift for seeing where an individual, group, or system keeps themselves stuck. She assists them in becoming aware of where that is and what is possible so they can choose differently. She loves every minute of the life she creates and is grateful for every moment of it.